Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Parent to Parent....the best info is from one who lives a life like yours.

Well helloooooo!

I been blogging for a while now, but this is a new venture for me.

Over nearly 21 years as a parent of someone with a severe disability, a sister, and Aunt to people with a disability and a friend and mentor to people with disabilities, I am very much aware that the BEST quality of information comes from other parents.

Government departments and service organisations can only do so much and it's invariably other families who pass on the wealth of their experience.

I have much to share and it will take some time, but a bit of background.

My son has Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Quadriplegia. He is totally physically dependent. Fortunately for us, he has no other associated health issues and he can speak...unusual with this level of disabilty. His level is defined as 'severe'. He mobilises in an elecric wheelchair and...ta-da...lives independently. Yes, I'm serious, but more on that later.

He is one of five children and comes number four in the line.

I have had moments where I've literally wept at the state of the disability support sector in Australia, and back then, there was no Blog or website to help me.

I'd like to think I can slowly build something here that will be a valuable resource for other families like ours.

It's a big ask, but I'm going to try.

I don't see anyone else doing it, so it may as well be me.

We can all have a happy family, even if one of us has a disability. If fact, for us, some of our happiest moments have stemmed from experiences generated through Mr A and his disability.

Tomorrow I'll start posting some small experiences and resources. Stay tuned.

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