Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You think YOU'VE got it tough.... Mr A says....'well you oughta try scratching your nether regions when you've got CP and your wheelchair table is in the!

Well, it's long stretches between posts here, but I have to say it's all for good reasons.

Mr A now has his own successful social group. Having been thwarted on every front to join other social type groups, he and I decided that it might be best to be the instigator and therefore, have his own outlet for activities.

A snippet in the local paper and a flyer on the local library wall was all that was needed to kick it off and so far, even though memberships are still trickling in slower than he, and we, would have liked, it's gone off with a bang.

An offer from a benefactor to support the group in many ways has landed on DS's desk, and the offshoot of a business venture, all bodes well for the future.

Sometimes, you just have to leap....and trust that you will land somewhere good.

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